A bit unusual came a day, Silence wasn't the rule i must say.
Thick black liquid coated windows vision, Missed sound of routinize blueish pigeon.
Playground not the same i found, Air'e attacks made only sound.
Kids witnessed a tamed & wrinkled face, Time failed to run with same pace.

Households indulged into a situation of remorse, Distressing that I covered my distance walking on the corpse.
City lacked brave loyal guards, Pyramid of bodies covering whole backyard.

Am I only one who survived, I asked.
Suddenly dwarf man made my tears wiped and laughed.
Wish I could ask him about the predicament,
But I found him collecting a few cents.
My gestures didn't resembled wave of shock, As prior world engaged in building same block.

Looked trees went into great depression, Might be a consequent of human repression.
Escaping became order of day, I wanted to turn situation in random play.
Moved & ran towards home to sleep on mother's lap, Brain stroked to trace my home on the city's map.

It seemed alarm bells were ringing and making noise, I realized I too had a voice.
Soon my voice replaced by screaming, But fortunately I was dreaming.

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