A bit unusual came a day, Silence wasn't the rule i must say.
Thick black liquid coated windows vision, Missed sound of routinize blueish pigeon.
Playground not the same i found, Air'e attacks made only sound.
Kids witnessed a tamed & wrinkled face, Time failed to run with same pace.

Households indulged into a situation of remorse, Distressing that I covered my distance walking on the corpse.
City lacked brave loyal guards, Pyramid of bodies covering whole backyard.

Am I only one who survived, I asked.
Suddenly dwarf man made my tears wiped and laughed.
Wish I could ask him about the predicament,
But I found him collecting a few cents.
My gestures didn't resembled wave of shock, As prior world engaged in building same block.

Looked trees went into great depression, Might be a consequent of human repression.
Escaping became order of day, I wanted to turn situation in random play.
Moved & ran towards home to sleep on mother's lap, Brain stroked to trace my home on the city's map.

It seemed alarm bells were ringing and making noise, I realized I too had a voice.
Soon my voice replaced by screaming, But fortunately I was dreaming.

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Cloud 'the charm of joy',                                                                                                               Load it arms full of water like a Sepoy.                                                                                                                                                                                     White travels with black in a queue,                                                                                                   Racist number found to be very few.
Passes through bordered arena in their course of thrive,                                                         lacks common attribute of discrimination & bribe.                                                                                                 Some are categorized into nucleated tribe,                                                                                    Others live & sing together until the destination arrive. 
Carry water over 100 of miles,                                                                                                          Enthusiasm remain intact despite inhaling dust of chimney's and mine.                                                       Act as protector of aqua like a father,                                                                                                         Bond fails to break but flourishes rather. 
 Happiness turns into sorrow at stage of cart,                                                                                                  Both are intuitive of their time to depart.                                                                                                   Norm serve as root of moral sense,                                                                                                                             Deviation requires courage for justification in a routinize fence. 
Announcement turns water taste sour before,                                                                                                            Clouds struggle to hold emotions for a second more,                                                                                A tiny drop touches the middle of earth,                                                                                                            Evident in the cycle of rebirth.

Joy of human is cry of sky, we have failed to understand but why.