The Modern Competent.

The word compete owe its origin to resource consumers. New world is full of competitors who are striving to get their share in matter surrounding them, the question arises here is till when ?

As Marshall Mcluhan quoted : There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We all are crew. How ‘Tragedy of commons’ affecting the lives of general public is manifested through Modern way of conflicts. And it can also be attributed to Earth’s feature of close system which signifies a bank of limited resources.

How it flourishes? The tendency to compete with others, is an integral part of our educational system which is difficult to revert back.

How this system works? Students are being taught to enroll themselves in a ‘Rat Race’ & compromise on their actual aptitude. A human born in a shape of ‘Ice cube’ (child) inside the ‘Cup’ (society) who see & observe the surroundings in accordance with what society allow him to see & observe.

Educational dilemma : As summer is on the peak & brought a heat of admissions with it. The so called refinery machine of skills is ready to perform old monotonous acts. Here tussle is between two contradictory modern machines, One runs on public money & the other reap savings out of public pockets.

‘Buying education was never a principle on which education was founded.’

Taking in account narrow opportunities of public machines, the choosy aspect diminishes here & in turn mode of competence takes it seat. And as long as private university is concerned – Education is driven out by monetary spending. As a consequent, certain immoral acts are committed in societies which questions the rational decisions of ‘Just decision makers.’

Finally a big question poses a challenge to the role of policy makers : If we are unable to get ‘A undesired field in an undesired university’ how difficult it would be to get ‘A desired field in a desired university.’ A change is what the need of hour, Following same apparatus won’t take us far.

‘One voice can accommodate many voices’

17 thoughts on “The Modern Competent.

  1. Change is here! When we step away from the rat race we now call ‘life’, and look at the bigger picture…. we can see there are many changes on the horizon and many are actually in action,as we speak, replacing the old way of doing. Change is beautiful!! Nice post and thank you.

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      1. Then please write some on this post in your philosophical terms, πŸ˜›
        So it would get difficult to comprehend by others. πŸ˜‚


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